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Lena i Vladimir

A story of two outcasts. He lost his love, she never had one. When their roads cross, their worlds turn upside down. A Beauty and the Beast meets Leon the Professional.


Lena has 16 years and is beautiful. She is “wealth” for the warden of the orphanage Risto who has developed network of prostitution. Lena escapes. Two hooligans rape her. They’re stopped by a stranger in the night. In the forest Lena follows the unknown man. He lives in a strange home, in mid-winter the yard smells like flowers blooming.
Lena is in abandoned monastery. His explains that he discovered this monastery from which the spring doesn’t leave. He removes his hood and reveals his face. Lena is afraid and astonished. Before her there is a man with terrible burns. The terror in his eyes is even greater. His only friends are the four old hunters from the nearby village.

Lena falls in love with Vladimir, he loves her like his own child. His family has burnt in a fire. Despite the disappointment in her first physical love, despite his twinges of conscience, the story of Lena and Vladimir is story of a rebirth and getting in love again with life.