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the whisper to the stars.


Kokino is the fourth largest and oldest astronomical observatory in the world. The significance of the site is recognized worldwide.
Documentary that includes a populist presentation about the site, its scientific significance and historical civilization vertical.

Contrary to the established view that very little is known about those peoples, whom we commonly call Proto Macedonians, science suggests that, nevertheless, there is knowledge about their rituals and way of life.

Directed by: Vladmiri Mitrevski – Gjule
Written by: Jovica Stankovski
Produced by: Dejan Iliev, Ilija Ciriviri
Cinematographer: Marko Petrusevski, Dragan Pakovski
Edited by: Vladmiri Mitrevski – Gjule
Sound: Darko Boskovski
Poster design:
Tomi Dzurovski