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Andromeda Galaxy

A father-daughter bond is explored. He is a 52 year old widower, an unemployed mechanic who rents a trailer to live in. She has been in an orphanage. Can they find a better life together?


Shpëtim, a 45-year-old man, lives in poor economic conditions. His wife died two
years after the birth of Zana, his only child. The salary he takes as night watchmen in a parking lot is too low and doesn’t cover the basic living conditions. So Shpëtim had to temporarily send his daughter to the home of children’s without parental care until he finds an opportunity to adjust the financial situation and create normal living conditions. Shpëtim is a silent person and does not communicate much withpeople. 

He spends his days usually at home, and with Zana, who he continually visits and takes to a swimming pool where they practice for a Balkan children’s
swimming competition in which Zana will compete. As he is a former sportsmen,
the passion for the sport has also passed to his daughter who is very energetic and talented girl. At night, as a watchman on the parking lot, the only communication he has is with the TV screen that broadcasts an astrology show called “Your destiny according to Miss Leri,” many times he joins this show through the phone and seeks to know more about his future.

 Shpëtim fears the future when he understands that is affected by Alzheimer’s disease. His memory has the days numbered.


Stars: Aurita Agushi, Avni Dalipi, Juli Emiri

Runtime: 80 min
Directed by: More Raca
Written by: More Raca
Produced by: Sunaj Raca – producer
Cinematographer: Dario Sekulovski
Edited by: Don Raca
Composer: Matteo Carbone