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All against all

A political thriller about corruption in a Slovenian election campaign and the consequences of an incumbent mayor's attempt to smear his opponent.


A political drama with elements of a thriller discusses politics, electoral fraud, and the decay of moral values, taking place in the fictional town of Rovte under the idyllic Alps. Franta, a corrupt mayor, is about to lose the election. After a TV debate, where he fails utterly, Franta calls his mistress Jozica in desperation. She advises him to seek the aid of Fleischmann, a criminal who is the only one capable of solving the problem on such short notice. After all, there are only four days left until the elections.

Stars: Vlado Novák, Silva Cusin, Aleksandra Balmazovic

Runtime: 100 min
Directed by: Andrej Kosak
Written by: Andrej Kosak & Dragana Lukan
Produced by: Zoran Dzeverdanovic, Ilija Ciriviri, Dejan Iliev
Cinematographer: Jason Mann
Edited by: Martin Ivanov
Composer: Kristian Sensini